Careers: It’s A Brand You World

Close readers of Fast Company are hyper-aware of the power of personal branding. My colleague Wendy Marx does a terrific job in these blog posts of exploring the virtues of a well-branded career.


Apparently it’s been a decade since Tom Peters wrote his prescient but at the time controversial Fast Company article called The Brand Called You.

If you’re ready for a deep dive into the power of personal branding, I suggest you tune in Thursday, Nov. 8th to A Brand You World, billed by its organizers as a “global telesummit.” In twelve hours, some of the sharpest personal-brand savvy authors, bloggers and career coaches will provide a series of free, one-hour phone conferences on topics such as:

  • Writing a great business blog
  • Building an employer brand to win the war for talent
  • Promoting your brand with viral marketing
  • Personal branding for job searches
  • Adding international flair to your personal brand (a favorite topic of mine)

Some of the sharpest career experts I know will be presenting at A Brand You World, including Richard Nelson Bolles, Liz Ryan, Jason Alba, William Arruda, and Kirsten Dixon.

Personally, I plan to listen in and hear more about podcasting, that’s high on my list of personal branding goals for 2008.

Rusty Weston, My Global Career • San Francisco, Ca •