Innovation: A DIY Postscript

“Shopping for travel on the Web has become a long-drawn-out chore,” noted William J. McGee in a just-published Money magazine story (“Capturing a Fare Deal”) that appears on

Mr. McGee essentially corroborates what I said in my previous blog entry about the overlooked value of travel agents for travelers who’ve had it up to here with endless surfing and no human help at most travel sites.

Not to say that the technology is broken. It’s just that, unfortunately, as the Money article indicates, “no Web site offers everything.”

Have truer words been spoken?

I cannot too highly recommend this article to anyone considering booking travel online, because of the many and varied time- and money-saving secrets it contains, and for these valuable resource sites it cites:

Bottom line: There’s no free lunch, especially in the air. You certainly can save money by shopping for travel on the Internet, but it comes at a cost in time, patience, and, in the face of zero human customer service at many such sites, a dogged perseverance to figure things out for yourself.

That’s challenge enough to cool even the most devoted road warrior’s jets!

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