Careers: Personal Branding Miss by Hillary Clinton

We’ve now entered the silly season politically speaking and as the latest exhibit consider the just released video and campaign song by Hillary Clinton. Clinton and former President Bill Clinton spoof the controversial last scene of the Sopranos with Hillary standing in for Tony Soprano. The screen goes black just when her campaign theme song is to be unveiled. One click takes you to the theme song which is “You and I” by Celine Dion.

Yes, it’s cute if you’re running for student council president. And, yes, it’s creating an Internet buzz. But, what does it do for Hillary’s personal brand? Why associate yourself with a fictional mobster and criminal no matter how popular he is? Didn’t the Clinton’s have enough problems with all the real life sleazy characters they have been associated with — not to mention some of their less than savory behavior. Think Monica and Whitewater and all the allegations that they had their hands in the wrong pots.

Then that Celine Dion song. Does that make you just a little sick thinking about such a saccharine song as the theme anthem for a down and dirty political campaign? Were she a doey-eyed young thing it might make sense. But what does “I can see your love shining like a light,” as the song puts it have to do with her campaign? She would have been much better off to have selected a song that matches her image — that is upbeat, charged and gets people excited.

What do you think her song should be?

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