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In honor of summer casualness, here’s a diz dat list — a bit of diz, a bit of dat.


For those on linkedin, check out this article which tells you how to use the business networking site more effectively. And for those not yet on the site, get your fingers moving .

By now you’ve probably heard of Timothy Ferriss, a 29-year-old self-described wunderkind who is the PT Barnum of self-promotion and the author of The 4-Hour Workweek. Ferriss is so over the top as to be almost a caricature when he talks about himself, yet at the same time you want to sit up and marvel. He’s managed to get himself quoted everywhere and as of today is Number 20 on Amazon’s bestseller list. Steve Rubel in Ad Age explains how Ferriss worked the blogosphere to build buzz for his book. (You need a subscription for Ad Age so email me if you want to see the article.)

Ferriss’ book is also chuck full of good advice for personal branders — a lot of it worth paying attention to, especially his advice on becoming a top expert. A few Ferriss suggestions:

* Join trade associations.
* Give free one-to-three hour seminars
* Write articles for trade magazines
*Join ProfNet, an expert service of PR Newswire

Beware, however. Ferriss, who has the cockiness galore of a young pup, makes it all sound as easy as sliced bread. In fact, it takes time and continual effort for most people to establish their street and online cred. However, much of what he says will work over time. Just don’t expect to be an overnight wonder unless you’re Timothy Ferriss.

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