Innovation: A Question of When, Not If

A flurry of news indicates more American carriers suddenly may becoming more receptive to the à la carte pricing strategy pioneered by such non-U.S. carriers as Air Canada.

According to a recent article by David Jonas in The Beat, airlines like AirTran Airways, Frontier Airlines, and US Airways are weighing a shift to what some analysts are calling “dynamic packaging,” that is, abandoning the old cookie-cutter formula of “one size fits all” and restoring choice to the customer.

The question seems to be not if, but when the U.S. carriers will make the leap.

The key is, and always has been, whether the airlines truly understand what the customer values and what customers are willing to spend for different choices.

It doesn’t take a crystal ball to foretell that choice, choice, choice — and more choice! — is the future of air travel.

At least, that’s what I think?

How about you?

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