Le-Xbox 360 Test Drive Unlimited

Lexus wants you behind the wheel of their cars. They really want to have the 18-34 drivers behind the wheel of their cars. The challenge is how to reach them when they have not left the couch and their home media system.

In the new world of Second Life and In-Game Advertising the savvy brands have gone to where the audience lives – online. The recent Nielson Media Research report, found that more than two-thirds (67.7%) of all men 18-34 had access to a console in their homes. Through a Lexus/Atari partnership, the luxury car company is showing off its 2008 lineup as part of a free downloadable Lexus Car Pack as part of the Atari title for Xbox 360 , Test Drive Unlimited. As part of the experience, gamers will be able to engage with 5 car models including the new performance hybrid GSh model.

Although I have doubts that these target demos are buyers today, it certainly is a great brand introduction for the Toyota owners of today to move into the Lexus they will buy tomorrow. A rare organic fit for a new media play.