Download New Joost 0.9.2 Beta

New Joost beta-test version out today. Here’s the information and the link:

Apologies to all – but we’ve got a new Joost version 0.9.2 ready for you
– as your old 0.9.1 is no longer working (with a very unfriendly error
message as well).

You can login and download the new 0.9.2 here:

Our apologies for this – but this is all part of being a beta.

As you may know – we use SSL technology to protect your privacy. Once
every other year or so these certificates need to be renewed. That
moment came, for the first time in our existence, yesterday.
Unfortunately we did not realize that we had a copy hardwired into the
0.9.1 client by accident.

Hence this new 0.9.2 build.

We’ve also taken the opportunity to upgrade all our Long Term Storage
machines; they are more than 4 times as efficient now. So if you have
experienced any stuttering in the past – do try again and tell us if our
fixes have worked.

Thanks a lot,

Dirk-Willem, Joost

Bill Cammack • New York City • Freelance Video Editor •