The NY Video 2.0 Group

Last night, I attended the NY Video 2.0 Group “meetup”. The focus of the event wasn’t the _making_ of digital video, but the business surrounding putting video on the internet. I found the presentations to be interesting as well as informative.


The host was Yaron Samid, Founder,

The presenters were (in order of appearance):

1. dotSUB – Michael Smolens, Founder

2. Network2 – Jeff Pulver, Founder (

3. – Marc Siry, VP, NBC Universal

4. YouAre.TV – David Dundas, Founder

5. – Aaron Cohen, Founder

Also, Chris Brogan, Community Developer for had special information for the NY Video 2.0 Group about the upcoming Video on the Net conference in San Jose, California.

It was interesting to hear about “the shell” surrounding creativity, or perhaps the vehicles by which content is presented to the world via the internet and hopefully monetized all the way back down to the content creator. I think I can say that I felt “behind the scenes”. That’s an odd way for me to feel, since as an editor, I’m _always_ “behind the scenes”, but they’re behind MY scenes, and I know exactly what’s going on and what I’m doing.

To the average person, sites, applications and widgets just magically appear one day and get reported on in a blog or a show. Now I know where these things come from. People “moonlight”, creating businesses during their time off from their day jobs. People solicit venture capital (VC). People count on what they learned in their last business to make decisions for their new startups.

If any of those topics are interest to you, the videos I made from the meeting are available on, tagged “nyvideo20group” [link]

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