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The irony is inescapable. The teaser headline at the top of today’s Boston Globe boldly declares: "Oscar Goes Global." Unfortunately, the Globe is heading in the opposite direction. Buried several sections deep is a story symbolic of the state of US media: "Globe to close last three foreign bureaus." This ends more than three decades of reporting from Globe journalists overseas.

Of course, both stories are about money. The Globe’s is cost-cutting – closing the bureaus in Berlin, Bogota, and Jerusalem is intended to avoid further staff cuts here at home. Oscar’s larger worldview is about market expansion – the nominations for Academy Awards this year contain what the Globe called "a glut of offerings with a global point of view."

How unfortunate that as "American entertainers are increasingly looking past the nation’s borders," the Boston Globe - running counter to its own name - has eliminated its global point of view. Swapping award-winning analysis and on-the-ground journalistic insight for Hollywood’s version of global events hardly seems like an even trade to me.

Josef Blumenfeld • Boston, MA •