A Reintroduction: From Experiential to Entertainment Marketing

Way back last year I introduced myself as the new Experiential Marketing blogger at Fast Company. Though I’m fascinated by the topic, I also found this approach taking me in an overly academic direction as I attempted follow-up posts. Great concept, wrong blog topic.

So I’m relaunching my presence at Fast Company with The Show Must Be Marketed focused on Entertainment Marketing. I’ll be particularly concerned with new developments in entertainment marketing both on and offline as well as outstanding examples of marketing approaches that successfully address current challenges in a difficult media environment.

Examples of what The Show Must Be Marketed will cover include the complex marketing campaign for Jay-Z’s rap album Kingdom Come that combined new and old elements on a grand scale.

I’ll also be looking at moments when the marketing became the entertainment, as in the incredible activity leading up to the release of Snakes on a Plane, that also offer fascinating examples of marketing innovation.

Practical lessons learned by entertainment marketers, such as the issues faced in Cirque du Soleil’s email marketing and other ongoing online marketing activities, will also be considered.

While the examples given above mostly emphasize the Internet, The Show Must Be Marketed will include new approaches to offline activity as well as the use of well-established approaches in response to emerging challenges.

Many thanks to Lynne d Johnson and the rest of the folks at Fast Company for responding positively to my rocky start. See you early next week.

Clyde Smith • ProHipHop • clyde(at)prohiphop(dot)com