Put Your City to the Test

Carnegie Mellon professor Richard Florida has come up with a revolutionary idea: Companies should move their operations to places where they can easily tap America’s most valuable natural resources.

What’s so revolutionary about that, you ask? Namely that the natural resources Florida refers to are creative people (they’re cleaner than most fossil fuels and easier to mine as well).

“Access to talented and creative people is to modern business what access to coal and iron ore was to steelmaking,” Florida writes in The Rise of the Creative Class. “Creativity has come to be valued because new technologies, new industries, new wealth and all other good economic things flow from it.”

Cities like San Francisco, Austin, and Boston top Florida’s creativity index thanks to their thriving gay and bohemian communities, as well as their easy access to at least one top university.

To find out where your city might score on the creative scale, Florida, along with George Borowsky, have come up with a diagnostic quiz. Find out if your city is on the cutting edge … or just on the edge. Click here.

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George Borowsky ( is a creativity catalyst and founder of InSight 3, a managment-consulting firm dedicated to helping leaders think outside of their organizational boxes.