Fast Company Polls

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April 2002

Q: Where do you stand on the issue of human cloning?
A: I support cloning
I oppose cloning
I need to learn more about it
I’m undecided

March 2002

Q: Did the U.S. Department of Justice unfairly punish Andersen by indicting the entire agency?
A: Yes – Most employees did nothing wrong
No – The whole organization is responsible

Q: Should the United States institute a national ID card?
A: Yes
I don’t know

Q: Would the proposed HP-Compaq deal be less controversial if Carly Fiorina were a man?
A: Yes – Fiorina receives undue criticism because she is a woman
No – Gender has nothing to do with it

February 2002

Q: Will Andersen fall because of its relationship with Enron?
A: Yes – Andersen will succumb
No – Andersen will survive

Q: In light of the Enron collapse, do you support pension and 401(k) reforms?
A: Yes


January 2002

Q: How would you punish the leaders of Enron Corp.?
A: Imprison them
Seize and distribute their stock profits among Enron employees
Leave the punishment to a court of law

Q: Should Hewlett-Packard move forward with its plans to purchase Compaq?
A: Yes — Carly Fiorina is right
No — Walter Hewlett is right

Q: When will the U.S. economy begin to recover from the 2001 recession?
A: First half of 2002
Second half of 2002
More than a year from now
I don’t know

December 2001

Q: Should national TV networks broadcast hard-liquor advertisements?
A: Yes – It’s an Absolut boon
No – Keep Smirnoff off the air
I don’t know

Q: Is the American economy on the road to recovery?
A: Yes — The worst is over
No — The future looks grim
I wish I knew

November 2001

Q: Should the United States tighten immigration restrictions in the wake of September 11?
A: Yes || No


Q: Should the U.S. Postal Service halt mail deliveries until the anthrax mystery is solved?
A: Yes — Better safe than sorry
No — The threat does not warrant it
I don`t know

October 2001

Q: New York should replace the World Trade Center with:
A: A new skyscraper or two
A monument to victims and rescue workers
A complex of low-lying office buildings
None of the above

September 2001

Q: How would you rate America’s new airport-security measures?
A: Too strict || Too lax || Just right

Q: Do you plan to cut back on personal airplane travel in the wake of the September 11 attacks?
A: Yes — I will steer clear of airports
No — I will resume my normal travel schedule
I don’t know

August 2001

Q: Should the U.S. Justice Department pursue antitrust cases with more or less vigilance?
A: Less — Leave Microsoft alone.
More — Rip Microsoft apart.
Neither — Keep ’em guessing.

July 2001

Q: Should the United States step in to negotiate a peace settlement between Israel and Palestine?
A: Yes || No || I don’t know


Q: Do you experience or observe discrimination against women in your workplace?
A: Yes — the glass ceiling still exists || No — we strive for equality || I don’t know

Q: Does your CEO get it?
A: Hell, yeah! || No way! || Who knows?

Q: Will people live and work alongside humanoid artificial intelligence within the next 100 years?
A: Yes || No || I don’t know

June 2001

Q: Is the economy experiencing a “Long Boom” like the one described by futurist Roger Cass?
Yes — the prosperity will continue || No — this downturn is here to stay || I don’t know — this economy is unpredictable

May 2001

Q: Does your company discriminate against employees without children?
A: Yes || No || I don`t know

Q: Which Survivor participant would you recruit for your company?
A: Tina — the strategist || Colby — the heavyweight || Keith — the provider || Elisabeth — the cheerleader


April 2001

Q: Will location become irrelevant in the 21st century?
A: Yes — In a digital world, geography is extraneous. || No — People will always value physical proximity.

Q: Would you consider joining Free Agent Nation right now?
A: Yes — This is a great time to be independent! || No — I wouldn’t risk the job security. || Neither — I’m already a free agent!

Q: What do you think of eBay?
A: Hate it || Love it || Never tried it

Q: How secure is your job right now?
A: It’s collapsing: My job is in danger. || It’s wobbly: Nothing is certain in this climate. || It’s solid: The economy hasn’t jeopardized my job.

March 2001

Q: Which of the following could you not live without?
A: Email || Cell phone || Postal service || FedEx

Q: Which company demonstrates the most creativity through advertising?
A: Apple || Volkswagen || Nike || Budweiser


Q: A truly effective leader most closely resembles …
A: An orchestra conductor || An army general || A teacher || An athletic coach

September 2000

Q: My career path most resembles …
A: A super highway — broad, fast, and straight || A country road — indirect but enjoying the view || A wagon track — in a rut and rough going || Trackless wilderness — Career path? What career path?

Q: Distance-learning technology is …
A: Education’s future and an important step to bridging the digital divide. || A waste of time that removes from teaching the crucial human touch.

Q: Which is the best designed building?
A: Notre Dame || The Chrysler Building || Fallingwater || The Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao

Q: Who is the most dynamic athletic coach of the past 100 years?
A: Knute Rockne || Phil Jackson || Bela Karolyi || Tommy Lasorda

Q: Which company has staged the most successful comeback of the past decade?
A: Apple Computers || General Motors || Target || IBM


Q: What type of community would you be most likely to join?
A: An exclusive social club || EverQuest, the online role-playing game || A sports team || Any club that wouldn’t have you as a member

August 2000

Q: Which Survivor participant would you recruit for your company?
A: Rich — the strategist || Kelly — the fighter || Rudy — the loyal ally || Sue — the straight talker

Q: The mapping of the human genome represents a great scientific promise or a significant scientific threat for the 21st century?
A: Promise || Threat

Q: Who is the greatest political change agent of the 20th century?
A: Mahatma Gandhi || Martin Luther King Jr. || Nelson Mandela || Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Q: What is the most over-branded brand of the past 10 years?
A: Barnes & Noble || Microsoft || Nike || Starbucks

Q: Where do you stand on the Internet-music debate?
A: Napster — power to the people! || Recording Industry — protect the artists!