Be a Virtual Leader

How well do you communicate vision? Empower your people? Drive efficient and innovative results? Find out by taking Leadership in Action, an online business simulation designed to test your strengths and weaknesses as a team captain.

Last year, Fast Company senior editor Bill Breen toppled a dotcom empire. Under his swift guidance, Handheld Corp. executed toxic strategies, lost $200 million in revenue, and spiraled into bankruptcy. Breen lost his job as CEO. But he insists it’s no big deal.


After all, Handheld was just a virtual dotcom — a fictitious corporation found in PDA Sim, an online simulation exercise developed by Forio Business Solutions. No money lost. No brand sacrificed. No reputation flushed. Just lots of lessons learned about translating business strategy into action while competing in a tight industry.

Forio founders Will Glass-Husain and Michael Bean, both MIT graduates, designed PDA Sim as a way to demo the potential of simulations for corporate learning. Now they’ve followed up the successful PDA exercise with Leadership in Action, a simulation that challenges its participants to lead a team during the six-month design cycle of a company’s most promising product.

Your challenge during those six months: design a pocket-sized, high-resolution digital camera. Your success is measured according to the project’s cost, your efficiency in meeting team goals, your team’s attitude during the project, and your ability to complete personal tasks.

Forio’s simulation rates players according to a leadership framework developed by Isvor Dilts, a development-and-training company based in Burlingame, California. The simulation tests leaders according to four basic actions.

Stretching is the ability to challenge a team’s habits and take risks by creating challenging situations, to compel and push always to do more.

Empowering is the ability to help team members express themselves better, recognize the value of others’ work, and stimulate individual growth.


Coaching is the ability to train others by recognizing individual potential and taking responsibility for people’s development and the realization of values.

Sharing is the ability to exchange information to achieve true collaboration.

Find out how you measure up against that paradigm by trying the Leadership in Action simulation. Then compare your score to others’, and share your winning strategies with more leaders in training.

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