Bloggers in Our Midst

These Fast Company Webloggers demonstrate the variety and virility of this new-media phenomenon. Welcome to their world.


Since Weblogs first materialized in early 1999, the pithy online missives have captured the hearts, minds, and late nights of Webbies and tech novices alike. Whether disseminating the day’s news, sharing a personal diary, or lambasting government leaders, bloggers all seem to share a common rallying cry: Power to the people.


Fulfilling the promise of an equal-opportunity medium built for the people, by the people, Weblogs transfer power from publishing companies and blowhard columnists to HTML junkies and novelists in training. Anyone with a modem and a computer can publish free daily — or hourly — content for readers around the world. And anyone does, as you’ll see in the following collection of Fast Company Weblogs.

These Fast Company contributors — editors, community facilitators, and subjects of full-fledged feature stories — publish their own blogs on their own time. Some are jovial and fun, others serious and somber. But together they demonstrate the variety and virility of this new-media phenomenon. Browse these online epistles, and then share your own favorite blog spot in Sound Off below.

John Ellis

Fast Company contributing editor
“This blog is about business, technology, politics, golf, media, advertising, P2P, genomics, and other subjects of interest…. Welcome.”


Seth Godin

Fast Company contributing editor
Blog: Seth’s Blog
“Riffs and links from the author of the bestsellers, ‘Survival is Not Enough’, ‘Permission Marketing’ and ‘Unleashing the Ideavirus.’ “

Christopher Locke

Featured in Clued In? Sign On!

Blog: The EGR Weblog
“Where we write at night when we should be sleeping. And it shows.”


Daniel H. Pink

Fast Company contributor
Blog: Just One Thing
“Each day. Just one thing.”

Heath Row

Fast Company social capitalist
Blog: Heath Row’s Media Diet
“You are what you read. And what you see. And what you hear. I am Heath. Who are you?”

David Weinberger

Featured in Internet 101


Blog: JOHO the Blog
“David Weinberger’s Weblog. Let’s just see how it goes.”