Best of the Worst … Year Ever: Part 2

Fast Company’s most popular and powerful Web-exclusive feature stories of 2001.


Who’s ready for a fresh start in 2002? Check that — who isn’t? Most people would agree that 2001 left us sad, somber, and more resolute. It also left us even more eager than usual to start the new year right.


But before we welcome 2002, let’s recognize the best of a lousy year — the 20 most popular and powerful Fast Company Web features published in 2001. After reflecting on the year gone by, tell us what you’d like to read about in the months ahead in Sound Off below.

Best of the Worst … Year Ever: Top 20 Magazine Stories of 2001

How to Mend Your Parachute

Like many things, the notion of career planning and job hunting has changed dramatically since September 11. Here, acclaimed author Richard Bolles offers five strategies for finding meaningful work in the face of an economic recession and a national crisis. Anni Layne Rodgers

How to Stress Less — And Smarter

The top stress expert at Canyon Ranch offers five take-home exercises designed to reduce your anxiety and increase your work-life integration. Anni Layne Rodgers


25 Fast Ideas for Slower Times

Fast Company’s RealTime Philadelphia generated a remarkable collection of ideas, tools, and inspirational advice. Here are 25 of the smartest insights that we took away from the event. Feel free to put them to use and share them with your colleagues. Anni Layne and Linda Tischler

10 Hard Truths About Layoffs

Who ever imagined that change-the-world companies like Cisco, Dell, and Hewlett-Packard would be laying off thousands of workers? And who thought that you would be among them — or worried that you might be next? Here’s a personal survival guide for tough times. Linda Tischler

The Power of Words

We’re hurt, angry, confused, sad. Where do we turn to make sense of what’s happened — and to move forward? To poets, songwriters, philosophers, and historical figures. Add your favorite quote here. Fast Company


Please Don’t Forward This Email!

The story of an accidental Web celebrity. Rekha Balu

The Day the Wheels Fell off

So this is how the world of a dotcom ends, not with a bang but with some soon-to-expire Fresh Samantha juice. A tale of the last days of, told by one of the last remaining Kozmonauts. Peter Kempe

Do You Realize Your Potential?

Potentia International helps its clients understand themselves and answer some of the most difficult career questions. Curtis Sittenfeld


Smart Ways to Land Your Next Gig

The good news: You’ve found a good job in a company that’s built to last. The bad news: Lots of others are jockeying for the same position. Here are strategies to help you stand apart while everyone else is standing around. Jennifer Reingold

How to Move Forward When You’re Between Jobs

Learn how to transform a layoff into a savvy sabbatical — a time to recharge your batteries and learn new skills without sabotaging your résumé. Author Hope Dlugozima offers tips for taking six months off smart. Anni Layne

Battle Plan

Former U.S. Army lieutenant colonel Ralph Peters outlines nine strategies for understanding, fighting, and defeating the new enemy. Rule #1: Culture is king. Anni Layne Rodgers


Life After Death

Philosopher and consultant Peter Koestenbaum spends his days exploring truly big questions that have never sounded more relevant. Here, he reflects on what the shock of death teaches us about leadership — and how to move forward without forgetting. Polly LaBarre

Good Questions, Great Answers

In a Web-exclusive interview, Jim Collins discusses the implications of his research and ideas for the economy, stock market, and the very nature of executive leadership. Alan M. Webber

Extreme Networking: MBAs Show the Way

And you think you know how to work a crowd? Incoming B-school students from Harvard to Stanford use Web-based communities to get to know each other, to make group deals for cell phones, and to launch business plans — before they attend their first class! Linda Tischler


Women With Children First?

It’s the new workplace battle — employees juggling work and kids versus childless colleagues who resent having to pick up the slack. Read our debate about “the culture of parental privilege” — and then weigh in with your views. Keith H. Hammonds

It’s a (Red) Bull Market After All

The controversial energy drink in the slim little can has a simple but crafty grassroots marketing strategy that’s winning hordes of loyal gen-Y fans. Two branding experts think Coke and Pepsi should be taking notes. Anni Layne Rodgers

New Rules: Why Values Beat Value

What do your customers really want? In an interview, Ryan Mathews, coauthor of the forthcoming book The Myth of Excellence, offers some surprising answers. Forget the lowest price or the biggest discount. Show a little respect — and tell the truth. Alan M. Webber


Seven Secrets to Good Brainstorming

Generating rafts of good ideas is Ideo’s business. Here’s how this world-class product-development firm keeps the lightbulbs blazing bright. Linda Tischler

Deciding Factors

The author of Winning Decisions offers five strategies for moving forward during a period of unprecedented doubt and danger. Learn how to manage uncertainty by using metaknowledge, dissension, and open communication. Anni Layne Rodgers

The Next Revolution

The next wave of the Internet revolution is happening right now — in your teenager’s bedroom. Michael Lewis tracked the tech-savvy kids who are shaking up corporate America and launching a social revolution in the process. Linda Tischler


Best of the Worst … Year Ever: Top 20 Magazine Stories of 2001