62 Ways to Give Back

Fast Company leaders offer inspiration and guidance for giving back during this holiday season.


Perhaps more than ever, business is about more than just making products or money. It’s about making a difference.


In 2001, we all learned that giving time is more important than simply giving money. Corporate largesse must be backed by personal commitment. And action, as always, counts for more than mere words.

So to mark the close of a year that saw destruction and compassion, horror and heroics, grief and generosity, we highlight our past conversations with business leaders who use their time, skills, and money to give something back. Our goal is not only to identify various ways in which one person can make a difference, but also to suggest that making a difference is something all of us can do.


What’s the Best Way to Do Good?

Sixteen leaders in business, philanthropy, and social activism compel us to consider a very serious question: What is the responsibility of those who have much to those who have little?


Share the Wealth

Here, 17 leaders, doers, and change makers — 17 givers — offer instruction and inspiration on giving back. At a time of unparalleled getting and spending, they testify to the power of giving and sharing.



Help Our Children Grow

Fast Company asks 10 leaders to describe how they use their skills, time, creativity, and money to give back to children — one category that everyone agrees is of transcendent importance.


Ways to Give Back

Fast Company invites 19 business leaders to share their insights on giving back to the community. Their stories reveal areas in which people are contributing to education, technology, the environment, health, and community development.