At the Speed of Flight

To commemorate e-tickets, sleepovers at O’Hare, and the full-and-upright position, we present Fast Company’s most high-flying ideas about travel — past, present, and future.



CoF Roadshow

Join Fast Company’s very own social capitalist, Heath Row, during the Company of Friends Roadshow this fall, when he drives from British Columbia to Mexico, visiting members of the Fast Company community.



September 2001

Give Me Mylanta

Relax, y’all. If you’ve got some downtime, here are a few easy-to-get-to diversions in Atlanta. Erika Germer

August 2001

L.A. Confidential

Low-maintenance diversions that will feel authentically artificial enough to say “LA.” Erika Germer

July 2001

Urban Oasis

If NYC’s on your business calendar this month, here are some diversions that won’t disappoint. Erika Germer


April 2001

Can These Two Companies Fly Higher?

The CEOs of and Expedia face off on questions about commissions, travel during the downturn, and the threat of Orbitz. Ron Lieber

April 2001

The Road Frequently Traveled

Designer Marti Guixe is on the road all the time. His latest creation? A manifesto for road warriors designed to change the way they travel. Jill Rosenfeld

January 2001

Full House

Executives at Las Vegas’s Bellagio Hotel screened 84,000 candidates, did 27,000 interviews, and hired 9,600 people — in 24 weeks. Now Cisco wants to know how they did it. Bill Breen


March 2000

Fantastic Voyage

Voyager of the Seas is a big boat — the largest cruise ship ever. And the story of its creation offers powerful lessons — in strategic daring, relentless execution, and devotion to design. Charles Fishman

December 1998

Who’s Fast: Hans Willimann

“I never forget that I am parking the cars, and they are driving. What’s important is that guests get what they expect.” Charles Fishman

February 1997

Back to the Farm

Rosenbluth International, a $2.5 billion travel-service business, combines plain-and-simple values with cutting-edge technology. It’s a down-to-earth strategy designed to take the company back to the farm. Rob Walker


June 1996

Going to the Xtreme

These business travelers aren’t frequent fliers — they’re constant fliers. Travel tips on how to work, what to pack, where to sit, whether your shuttle’s headed for an orbit in deep space or just circling over O’Hare. Polly LaBarre