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Recruiting is evolving

Social Media writer Monica Hamburg has just written a great post entitled Recruitment 2.0/HR 2.0. There is a particular passage which caught our attention:

Companies should keep in mind that there is now, more than ever, a balance of power with e-recruiting.  Businesses can learn more about candidates and attract ideal employees, but employees have the same ability to research businesses and find their perfect workplace.  With that in mind, company culture has become an immense selling point for prospective hires.  The use of a company’s own videos and pictures can entice candidates by giving them a glimpse of the inner workings and presenting the human side of the company

Natalie Michael, Partner of the Karmichael Group, an executive search and recruitment strategy firm, states that now "there is even greater pressure on organizations to focus on employee engagement and retention, and having a culture that is a unique differentiator.  If competitors are "sharing employee lists" by having employees visible on Linkedin, for instance, "they need to strengthen their people practices so this is not a competitive threat.  They can do this by having a unique value proposition, focusing on meeting individual’s needs and having a culture that can not easily be replicated by the competition."

She is so right. Your company culture has to become a major selling point in your recruiting efforts. Anything you can do to showcase that culture, be it video, pictures, blogging or podcasts is a good thing. Today’s job seeker has a myriad of choices before them. Your company needs to give them lots of reasons to make you their employer of choice.

Being proactive with social media recruiting is the latest way to do just that.