Technology Tomorrow

Determined scientists have been working to perfect robotics and artificial intelligence for more than half a century. Four years have passed since Deep Blue dethroned Garry Kasparov, the best (human) chess player of all time. Surely those scientists must be close. Surely Steven Spielberg’s forecast of a thinking, interacting, loving “mecha” (mechanism) can’t be that far away.


Even world-famous author and inventor Ray Kurzweil says that machines will be able to understand, receive, and return love within the next 30 years. So what’s the problem? Where’s my mecha masseuse? My cyber shrink?

Here’s a progress report on tomorrow’s technology and where it stands today. How far away is the future? You be the judge.

Remember, It’s Only a Movie …

Will scientists produce artificially intelligent humanoids like A.I.‘s David within the next 100 years? Will robots learn to return human love? How far away is the future? Even the gurus disagree. Anni Layne

You Can Call Me Hal

The debate about artificial intelligence rages after last week’s debut of A.I. Now one industry expert predicts that humanoid robots will demonstrate convincing emotions and form bonds with people in the next 50 years. Anni Layne

The Future of Fun

Toasters that forecast the weather, necklaces that fence in wandering children, cell phones that practically sing and dance. A glimpse at the fanciful, freaky gadgets popping up in high-tech Hong Kong. Alison Overholt

The Secret Life of Bots

Can robots transform customer service in the next decade? Or can they only smooth out the wrinkles? Learn about cool solutions working today and one killer app for the future. Anni Layne


Q: Will people live and work alongside humanoid artificial intelligence within the next 100 years?

A: Yes || No || I don’t know