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  1. Wal-Mart
    The retail giant has put the power of publicity and accountability behind its green mission, setting specific benchmarks such as eliminating 25% of solid waste from U.S. stores by 2009. Answer: Goal.
  2. Disney Channel
    Slumping Disney Channel set out to be both retail- and mom-friendly to revive itself. Execs turned what could have been an empty promise into gold by nurturing talent such as the High School Musical kids into TV, movie, and recording stars. Answer: Goal.
  3. Citigroup
    Ousted Citi CEO Charles Prince regularly told Wall Street what it wanted to hear, as in 2005 when he said he'd keep revenues growing faster than expenses. The bank failed for quarter after quarter. Answer: Resolution.
  4. New York Knicks
    Last season, Knicks ownership promised fans a playoff series or a fresh start. Before the season ended, coach/GM Isiah Thomas got a new contract, and he then went on to miss the playoffs. But he kept his job. Answer: Resolution.

A version of this article appeared in the February 2008 issue of Fast Company magazine.