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Gone, but Not Forgotten May 2002
No company likes to dismiss its talented employees because of a rotten economy. But there’s a way to keep people working with you even after they stop working for you. Here is a five-point program on how to build a successful alumni network for your company.
Inside Intel’s Mentoring Movement April 2002
Forget everything that you’ve ever learned about mentoring, especially the idea of hitching your wagon to a rising star. Here’s how Intel is reinventing the old approach to mentoring to teach, inspire, and reconnect its employees.
How to Stay on the Move … When the World Is Slowing Down July 2001
It’s hard to remember a less-inviting time to have a great idea for a new company or to champion new ideas to change a big company. But leaders who think big aren’t willing to downsize their ambitions — they just have to work a little harder (and smarter). Here’s some battle-tested advice on how to stay fast in slow times.
Smart Ways to Land Your Next Gig June 2001
The good news: You’ve found a good job in a company that’s built to last. The bad news: Lots of others are jockeying for the same position. Here are strategies to help you stand apart while everyone else is standing around.
Rule #3: Leadership Is Confusing As Hell March 2001
You think the past five years were nuts? You ain’t seen nothin’ yet! It’s only going to get weirder, tougher, and more turbulent. Which means that leadership will be more important than ever — and more confusing (see rule #3).