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Who says the world of work can’t be fun? Fast Company has teamed with broadband learning experts Ninth House Network to design a suite of interactive, entertaining, quick tools to aid your career launch.

Buzzword Hangman
The giddily morbid game that you so loved as a child has been repurposed, re-engineered, and reparadigmed to help you catch up with the latest business buzzwords.

The CopeScope
How well you bounce back from a difficulty might have less to do with the particulars of a stressful situation than it does with your personal style of response.

Job Title Generator
Use this tool to find the words and phrases that most accurately — and imaginatively — describe what you really do.

Make Smarter Mistakes
Learn how to confront common workplace problems by analyzing your reactions and solutions.

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Meeting Pricer (Non Flash)
Time Maximizer
Brought to you by Ninth House Network — improving corporate performance by connecting the world’s most respected business leaders with a vibrant online community.