Keep the suggestions coming

Thanks so much to all of the beta testers who have contributed so far. We are working like crazy tweaking the site, addressing as many of your concerns as we can. All suggestions, from minor errors to overall strategy, are very welcome. It’s amazing how a small team of QA professionals can’t be nearly as thorough as a group of volunteers from the reader community.

A few questions I’d specifically love to hear your opinion about include:

*have you been browsing member profiles? If so, do you find you find yourself more drawn to profiles of members who have written something for the site? Do you think you’re more likely to contact someone who contributes content?

*have you seen the feed reader on you user profile? Do you think you will use it to track interesting content?

*on your personal member homepage, are you more interested to first read any content your contacts here on the site have recently contributed, or would you rather first see the latest stories from Fast Company?

Thanks again,