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Greetings on the 22nd. As stocks tank and the dollar falls, I am drawn into thoughts of past training in direct sales, mortgage marketing, and professional sales training.

The bottom line in all of those arenas was this, you had better do the behaviors every day. No one was going to be giving it to you. You made the dials, you did the face to faces, you ask for the business and if you didn't make payroll every be it. You didn't pay your bills. Oh, and by the way, you "behaved" the way you desired to feel. You didn't let the way you felt determine the way you worked.

Today's news warrants the same type of attitude. I am surrounded by so much opportunity it is staggering. My conference room has been literally full all day long with one parade of potential buyers after another. Why is this happening when it appears the sky is falling? In our operation, we choose for it to be that way. We work hard on something and if it doesn't sell, we move on. There are technologies, collaborations, relationships, and opportunities that exist for everyone out there. Just grab one and hold on.

I have always been a "burn the boat at the shore" kind of guy. I take a step off into something and don't look back. Sometimes, I have been starved on the beach, sometimes I have experienced the benefits of landing in a new country. No matter what type of person you are, people need to know you. The more people know you, the more they perhaps will know you care, you are capable, and your are ready to serve them and solve their problems.

The follow link is one way I convey that to folks. Take a look see.... copy and paste the link. It features one way to brand yourself for the world to see. The visual and audio nature of the technology allow me to build relationship with people 24/7 without any need for phone calls or personal presence. Just imagine what it could do for someone as talented as YOU!