Ingredients for Success

A healthy work-life mind-set relies upon these four elements. Waldroop offers them as the spinach, carrots, and broccoli — chock full of nutrients — that will help you reach your greatest heights.

1. Broadening Your Perspective

Many Achilles’ heels can be recognized and cured by simply being conscious of the effect of your actions. Have people stopped coming to you with new ideas? Are people keeping things from you? Do you lose new recruits over and over again? Taking a look at how you are perceived within the organization will help you recognize the role you play. Furthermore, gauging how your actions and your attitude affect coworkers will help you begin to amend possible damage caused by these success minimizers.

2. Coming to Terms With Authority

Everyone struggles with the role of authority. Many of us want mentors, but don’t want a boss. These desires are paradoxical but are completely natural. Get to know your own reaction to authority, and come to terms with it. If you don’t like it, be aware of it and try to avoid it, but be conscious and careful when authority presents itself.

3. Using Power Comfortably and Effectively

Too many people associate the use of power with the abuse of power. Those two factors are not synonymous, and anyone within a position of power needs to understand that. Organizations rely on those in power to bring about valuable results and necessary change. Use your power, and learn to use it well.

4. Developing and Maintaining a Positive (And Accurate) Self-Image

Most of these Achilles’ heels are manifestations of people’s disturbed or damaged self-esteem. Although some psychological ruts can never be fully amended, working towards a healthy self-image will abate these success-minimizing maladies.

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