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Richard Leider on Meaningful Work


Last week’s feature: Eunice Azzani and the Career Party
Week one: Nick Corcodilos and the Library Vacation ™


“Where your talents and the needs of the world cross lies your calling.” — Aristotle

If it were only that easy.

If finding one’s prescribed place were as simple as Aristotle makes it sound, most of us wouldn’t constantly be groping to find a sense of purpose at work.

Last month in San Francisco and in Boston, Fast Company’s TalentLabs events featured cutting-edge presentations from the country’s top recruiting experts, many of whom discussed the currently shifting balance of power in favor of the individual job seeker. However, few of these talent gurus broached the issue of finding a life’s calling.

What’s the point of having a lot of jobs to pick from if you can’t figure out which one would best satisfy your sense of purpose — as well as your need to pay the rent?

While most career counselors flee at the mention of such existential questions, Nick Corcodilos, Eunice Azzani, and Richard Leider find great value in considering callings. Inextricably tied to a person’s core values, beliefs, environment, and character, they argue, a life’s calling is highly subjective yet increasingly important in today’s economy.

Fast Company asked these experts to share their thoughts. Specifically, the gurus offered revolutionary ways to approach everything from an initial job search to an interview gone sour, as well as sound, practical methods for tapping into your passions and interests.

This three-part series will feature two pieces on getting in touch with your calling from Corcodilos and Azzani, as well as some practical advice on finding purpose from Leider

New this week: Richard Leider’s inspirational piece on meaningful work.

Last week’s feature: Eunice Azzani and the Career Party.

Part one: Nick Corcodilos and the Library Vacation (TM).