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Who says change can’t be fun? Fast Company has teamed with broadband learning experts Ninth House Network to design a suite of interactive, entertaining, quick tools to boost your ability to innovate.

The Fast-O-Meter
Use this tool to get a quick read on your capacity for innovation and leadership.

Meeting Pricer (Flash Version)
Pointless meetings not only waste time, they cost money. Use this tool to calculate exactly how much.
Meeting Pricer (Non Flash)

Time Maximizer
Raise your productivity by identifying which high-yield activities are not receiving enough attention, as well as the tasks that are guzzling up your time. Invite your employees to try it out and see where you can save some time.

Make Smarter Mistakes
Learn how to confront common workplace problems by analyzing your reactions and solutions.

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Buzzword Hangman
Can You Deal?
Job Title Generator
Career Gas Gauge

Brought to you by Ninth House Network — improving corporate performance by connecting the world’s most respected business leaders with a vibrant online community.