Free for All

The best things in life are free. Free speech. Free trade. And, of course, free stuff.

You won’t get robust public debate or open international markets on DailyeDeals. But you will get links to a ton of great freebies. You’ll find free T-shirts, free long-distance cards, free mouse pads, free keyboards, free mugs, free caps, free pre-stamped envelopes — and, yes, free meat thermometers. Babies born in 2000 can even get a free lifetime pass to the Harlem Globetrotters. (Ah, to be young again.)

And while there are exceptions to the principle that free things are the best things (free love and free verse come to mind), there are few things more delightful than free money. You can find that on DailyeDeals as well. Discover where you can get paid to open a free account, to surf the Web, to complete surveys, or to share an opinion.

Perhaps the best feature of DailyeDeals is for those times when you’re willing to part with your hard-earned moolah. The site has an online coupons page with oodles of coupon codes for most major online stores. It’s a great way to save a little money. You’d be a fool to buy any books at or, for example, without dipping into DailyeDeals and snagging a $10 discount on orders of $30 or more. Bookmark this baby now, and pop it up before you make any more online purchases. Don’t leave your home page without it.

by Dan PinkFCS