Tony Hawk

Tony Hawk is to skateboarding what The Beatles were to rock ‘n’ roll nearly 40 years ago. Skating professionally since he was 14, this 31-year-old California boy topped even himself last month at ESPN’s 5th annual X Games by landing the holy grail of skateboarding: The 900. He’s the first to land this trick — a rotation of two and a half spins — in professional competition.


I visit this one for obvious reasons, as I am responsible for the well being and quality content of this site.
The best up-to-date and clued-in site devoted to skateboarding. The online address for Trans World Skateboarding Magazine.

The Onion
Funniest social commentary out there on a highly sarcastic level. I highly recommend their book, “Our Dumb Century.”

Discover Brokerage
Although I haven’t been very successful, it’s fun to know that I can buy and sell stocks at any time without consulting a broker. After seeing my track record, maybe a broker isn’t such a bad idea…

Another sarcastic, newsworthy Web site. Their illustrations are always hilarious.

Surf Link
Although I hardly get enough time to surf, I like to check the conditions in my area or just watch one of the site’s live camera feeds. Sometimes just daydreaming about surfing will suffice.