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Never Pre-Judge

Never pre-judge. Don't think a person my be too old for a job.

A person's work experience can be more valuable than a college degree. When you interview to fill a job position, do not make the mistake of not considering older people. Many startups believe only young people understand technology. Anyone can learn technology.

Older people with the right work experience can add value to your startup. Older sales people have contacts and know how to open doors. An accountant with many years of experience brings value to a company. Experience can not be learned, it is earned.

Never let age sway you from interviewing someone. It works both ways. Some may think someone is too old for a job while others may think someone is too young for a job.

Sometimes people feel that someone who has many years of work experience will want more money. That is not always true.

I never give my salary requirements when I interview for a job. When asked, I politely state that we can talk salary when we both feel we are interested in developing a working relationship.

What I've made on previous jobs has no bearing on what I want now. The only concern is will I work for the amount the company can offer.

Never pre-judge. You never know which person is the one that will make you a millionaire.