RealTime Orlando

Imagination Implementation: May 7 – 9 in Orlando, Florida


Tune in, turn on, fire up.


That reborn adage is a driving principle behind Fast Company’s RealTime gathering — a three-day event that breathes life into the magazine’s principles, paragons, and prophets of the new economy. This week, RealTime has descended upon Orlando, Florida, and the Disney Institute, where more than 600 readers, staffers, and supporters are exploring the theme “Imagination & Implementation.”

Joining Fast Company at RealTime Orlando are nearly two dozen models and mentors including Thor Ibsen, Ben Zander, and Andy Stefonovich, as well as a crew of rabid change agents itching to share their stories and expand their learning. Fast Company invites you to experience RealTime this week on, where we will broadcast reports from break-out sessions, relay motivating quotes from speakers, and capture snapshots of team-building exercises like the Sit Down, Smackdown.

Tune in this week for a running report on RealTime Orlando, and check out the FC:Live site for more information about Fast Company live events.


May 7

Main Event — Andy Stefonovich, Chief What Iffer and Co-Founder, Play

May 8

Main Event — Michael Ray, Professor, Stanford Graduate School of Business — “Creativity in Business”

Session I


Main Event — Alan Kazhei and Vanessa Kirsch of City Year and New Profit Inc. — “Power to the People”

Session II

  • Ann Austin, Executive, Lend Lease Corporation — “Creativity Without Limits”
  • Andy Stefonovich, Chief What Iffer and Co-Founder, Play — “Activating Your Great Ideas”
  • Robert Gaudreau, Head Coach, Regus Business Centres — “Let the Players Play”
  • Leilani Rashida Henry, Being & Living Enterprises — “Imagination and Play”
  • Adam Kahane, Partner, Centre for Generative Leadership — “How to Change the World”
  • Phil Terry and Cathy Salit, Creative Good and Performance of a Lifetime — “Steal This Workshop”
  • Liz Wetzel, Vehicle Chief Designer, General Motors — “Designing Fun”
  • Pamela York Klainer, Founder, WorkPlay Institute — “Play Harder”

May 9

Main Event — Thor Ibsen, Ford; Jane Harper, IBM; Oliver Muoto, — “How to Create in Internet Time”


Session III

  • Mike Abrashoff, US Navy — “The Power of Grassroots Leadership”
  • Joline Godfrey, Independent Means — “Wild & Wise”
  • Joe Gruelich, — “Keep it Moving”
  • Bill Jensen, The Jensen Group — “Simplicity”
  • Adam Kahane, Partner, Centre for Generative Leadership — “How to Change the World”
  • Ron and Pippa Seichrist, Miami Ad School — “Bringing Your Ideas to Life”
  • Rolf Smith, VirtualThinking Expeditions — “On Expedition! The Search for Ideas”
  • Brenda Williams, The Lab @ Leo Burnett — “Are You Building Your Next Great Idea?”

Main Event — Ben Zander, Boston Philharmonic Orchestra — “The Art of Conducting Leadership”