About Geometric Informatics

Geometric Informatics is a fun startup to work for. It is the classic startup where you have the opportunity to learn new skills and challenge your abilities.

Our passion is to create innovate 3D graphics solutions. We currently have 3 technologies.

  • Avatars
  • GeoVideo, and
  • GeoUV

I am excited about our avatar technology. We create 3D avatars that look exactly like the person they represent. The avatar can use prerecorded speech for information that does not change or changes infrequently, and a text-to-speech engine for dynamic information, information that changes constantly. I believe that avatars are great for marketing, advertising, online education, information dissemination and other uses.

GeoVideo is a real-time, high-resolution, digital acquisition system. It provides an easy way to capture motion in digital form. This technology is great for movie studios and game designers.

GeoUV is a texture mapper plugin for Maya and 3ds StudioMax. It is available for Windows and Linux systems. This product automates the texture mapping process. This benefits the game designer or computer artist by saving them time and money.

I believe in the value of these products not because I work for the company, but that I work with the products’ creators. I see the hard work they do and the desire they have to succeed.

This is important to me. I’m learning marketing and sales. I’m the type of person that can’t market or sell a product that I don’t believe in. That is one of the reasons why I’ve had many jobs.

I’ll share more information about my experiences at Geometric Informatics. Please share your thoughts with me. I’d also like to learn about the companies that you work for. I’m also happy to talk to you about our technologies.