Bill Jensen

In this complex and breakneck new economy, Bill Jensen and his New Jersey-based consulting firm stay on track and on deadline by following the Simplicity Manifesto, which encourages individuals and companies to become “user centered” in everything they create. The Jensen Group has put to work this credo with big-name clients including Duracell, Walt Disney World, and Warner-Lambert Co. This week, Jensen expanded his portfolio to include dozens of RealTime participants, who learned how to lead simply.

In between sessions, Jensen stopped to speak with Fast Company about rethinking time, commitment, and great ideas:

What message do you hope to convey to RealTime participants?

The title of my session is “Simplicity,” but the one central thought under that title is this: We need to change how we use people’s time and attention. Each of us has only 1,440 minutes to spend today. We really need to think very carefully how we are using each others’ time and attention.

The most important thing to focus on is implementation. We all go crazy with the events and the brainstorming, we really have to sit down and figure out what our customers need, what our fellow workers need, how to we create value. It’s important that each of us has a deep understanding of how we create value for the customer, the organization, the shareholders. Great ideas come from real work.

Why are you here at RealTime Orlando?

I am so thrilled to be here to learn from everybody. Yes, I have a speaking slot, but I’m really here to listen, to learn, to talk to everyone around me. This is an awesome event.