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There is a flood of technolgies hitting the market today. The average person is so overwhelmed with the onslaught, she hardly knows what to do. If however, you pause for just a moment, do a little homework and investigate what is needed by that overwhelmed person, you will find yourself meeting the needs of countless people.

My first exposure to this world of need meeting technology occured while I was a Director of Business Development with an early to market web-based medical information company. Individuals I met during my time there were using the internet to find clinical trials for the treatment of various illnesses. Without the internet, many of these fortunate people would never have been exposed to life saving technologies meant to make their lives better. Their own doctors didn't have the first clue.

Technologies surrounding "Search" are far beyond my area of expertise but I certainly saw, beginning in 2001, the internet actually starting becoming useful to me. Now it helps me cross a magical threshold and actually become useful to someone else. How I monetize that is a separate entry.

I have recently seen technologies surrounding "Functional Beverages", "Nicotine Delivery Devices" that provide nicotine without harmful tobacco, bluetooth messaging technologies that will vastly lower the costs of traditional advertising, currency trading software that actually works, and a variety of web based marketing technologies that could revolutionize the way celebs pitch products. What does it all mean? Each of these products, technologies, and innovations are going to make someones life better, more complete, and will likely lead to job creation and all the benefits we know that brings.

Each blog entry made by this blogger will "march" you through the technology, introduce it from the perspective of the user, the marketer, and at times, the company selling the product, service or technology. My hope is that each entry will lead someone to investigate and improve their life or more importantly, the life of others.

Sherman's March this time around is about building a better world through sharing information, resources, and collaboration.