Profile Completion



 Professional History

  • start date doesn’t allow years before 2005
  • end date is not active


  • believe we should show categories that correspond to our CORE areas
  • for example, “Innovation” is missing (there are many practitioners and companies in this field
  • to avoid translation problems to other data sets, we could allow multiple choices for this item
  • Check for alphabetical ordering, some items are not in sequence , e.g. marketing

Organization Size

  • There is no choice between sole proprietor and 20

Add This Position

  • Add This Position button doesn’t work
  • Only option is to SAVE AND CONTINUE
  • I was expecting to be able to enter more positions

Educational History

  • Consider changing order of Start Date and End Date dates from most recent to most ‘historic’ 😉
  • Performance for ADD THIS SCHOOL button is extremely slow. I clicked again, not seeing the progress bar at the bottom of the page and ended up with multiple entries for a single school