Carla Fishman

Throughout her nearly 20-year career at Tulane University, Carla Fishman has observed academic advances of all kinds at competing universities. All those years of surveillance have taught Fishman a valuable lesson about New Orleans’ growth potential: In order to forge ahead in research and technology, she says, the city’s intellectual community must form an unwavering partnership. “By trying to compete in individuals silos, we can’t make giant strides. If we are going to move forward in this state, we need to do it together.”

Under her guidance, Tulane University will join Louisiana State University to create a pioneering gene therapy initiative, which educators and business leaders hope will plant the state firmly on the map for cutting-edge bio-tech research. “Here’s a real opportunity for us to work as a state,” Williamson says. “We want to foster a climate that’s conducive to biotechnology in Louisiana, and the state legislature has approved $6.8 million for creating that infrastructure.”

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