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The other day, while driving, I got a phone call - luckily I have a bluetooth phone and vehicle equipped to handle it. So, this was a business call that entailed me rescheduling a meeting and canceling a reservation.  Well thank god for pen and paper, otherwise I'd be up a creek.  As I ended my call and pulled into the nearest parking lot to make the adjustments, I began to wonder, why can't I do all this and MORE while still driving down the street.


Why can't my car, which for some reason I spend an exuberant amount of time in, be my little roving office when need be?   So as I sat parked in some random lot, I began to ponder the future of car-infotainment.  I asked myself, while driving, why shouldn’t you be able to access your preferred email, calendar, weather/traffic reports, flight status, text messages and even make/update restaurant reservations?  Why can’t your car systematically function as a mega PDA (personal digital assistant) when needed?  We’re already able to do real-time GPS, and a few other things.  Can’t Microsoft, Yahoo or for that matter even Apple, really help take this thing to the next level? 

So, here’s what I would like to work with someone to create:  The Ultimate (Real-time Synchronous) In-Car Infotainment Center

I wake up from a good night’s rest….all the overnight emails, text messages, data files and even MP3 have been synced and ready to download to my in-car infotainment system.  As I drink my morning coffee, my Bluetooth/wireless enabled car is prepping for the day’s commute into the office OR just for a leisure drive to the nearest mall.  I’m ready to begin my day and I pop my key fob into the ignition – in that moment all my files (email/calendar/text/weather/traffic/flight statuses/reservations/tasks…etc) are synced w/ my in-car system. Just like that – I have my new iTunes playlist I created on Super Tuesday when all the new cd’s get released.  Isn’t that cool!?

I’m not hard-core tech guy, but I am dangerous to know that this may require Bluetooth/wireless capability, a pretty snazzy in-car data repository (hard-drive), real-time access to airport flight status systems, speech recognition software (for audible controls and responding to email, text and other audibly controlled items).
This is just the tip of the iceberg as to what I FEEL in-car systems should be capable of doing.  Want to chat more about it – give me a buzz.