An eRésumé in Action

Travis Stratford is a busy man. He has scheduled a 7:45 a.m. interview and a 10 a.m. teleconference in Chicago before his afternoon flight to Salt Lake City. From there he’s headed to Orlando. When he finally accepts a job offer, a regular workweek might seem a welcome break from his tireless interview schedule.

Stratford, a graduate marketing student at Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism, is looking for a strategic consulting position with an Internet consulting firm or a startup. And, thanks to an eye-catching multimedia résumé, many employment doors have opened for him already. In fact, Stratford’s been offered an interview with just about every company that’s received his eRésumé so far.

“I’m focusing on branding strategy,” he explains. “The eRésumé breaks through the clutter.” In reality, it does much more than that. It showcases his design skills, his marketing finesse, and his individual style. Hyperlinks and animated graphics allow recruiters to move beyond words on a page and catch a glimpse of his personality. And that makes him stand out in a competitive job market.

Stratford learned most of what he knows about Web design online and on-the-job. But before he built his eRésumé, he had no experience using Flash or Shockwave. He honed his skills with Web-based tutorials. But Stratford hasn’t gone completely since then. After he emails the URL of his eRésumé to potential employers, he follows up with a hard copy. And he arrives at every face-to-face meeting with a paper résumé in hand.

Still, Stratford never forgets to slip a couple discs encoded with his eRésumé into his briefcase before an interview. At $2 each, they’re a little more expensive than photocopies — but Stratford considers the cost an investment in his future. So far, his investment has yielded multiple returns.

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