Architects of the New Economy

“But now all I need in order to have a future, is to design a future I can manage to get inside of.” — Francine Julian Clark


In today’s professional landscape, smart companies are learning to engineer passion by investing valuable time and resources into their distinct “look + feel.” As the aesthetics of work stretch from the physical to the virtual, many organizations are fabricating harmonious kingdoms that begin at an innovative conference table and continue through every last URL on the corporate Web site.


Originality, vision, and flexibility are now essential tools for any successful architecture and design firm. They are expected to transform garages into showrooms, workbenches into ergonomic information stations, and upturned milk crates into stimulating brainstorming hubs. And somehow, amidst all the change and growth, these architects and designers are able to concoct appealing environments that each work, look, and inspire in a unique way.

Meet two industry leaders who are learning to transform the new economy into a new opportunity for themselves and a new frontier for their clients. Their work goes beyond just office aesthetics – it influences recruiting, business development, and overall productivity. It sets the tone, maintains the focus, and expands the possibilities, and its value simply can’t be overestimated.

Greenwell Goetz Architects
Washington, DC
“If you have a distinct image, you want your clients and employees to?feel it, breathe it, live it, be part of that brand. Physical space can be a very powerful element in one’s image.”
— Principal and CEO Lewis Goetz

New York, Oakland, Chicago, Denver, Seattle, Tokyo, and Mexico City
“Our work now concentrates on synergies — what spirit can you build into space that ties back to the culture of that company? That’s always been the designer’s role, but you couldn’t quite celebrate it at a business level like you can now.”
— Founder and President Jean Bellas