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Wednesday, May 26, 1999


I rolled out of bed at 11:30 a.m. and realized that Tuesday’s adventures had left me with a grueling sunburn on my left ear. To top it off, breakfast failed miserably due to the fact that the fridge was totally empty, so we decided to compose a grocery list and do some serious shopping today. 🙂 Fortunately, Kristina saved the morning with a pack of coffee she pilfered from a Sheraton Hotel. After feeding that into my system, I eventually started to feel awake.

A photographer from a Linux magazine joined us during the morning. I was pleasantly surprised to find out he was a nice and interesting person. In other words, not your stereotypical journalist. Right before we planned to leave for lunch and snorkeling, the network went down the tubes, and thusly has been down for most of the day.

After making a mad dash back to a still-brewing coffee machine at the house, we finally made it to a fish restaurant by 1:30 p.m. and arrived at snorkel central by 2:30 p.m., only half an hour late.

First, we motored to an area of shallow water, where we squeezed into our wetsuits, diving masks, and flippers, then practiced some basic snorkeling techniques. After the exercises, we climbed back onto the boats — a challenging task while wearing the flippers — and advanced to a place with deeper water near a rock bank. Diving into the deep blue was really an interesting experience. Earlier, we couldn’t see through the water’s dirt and sand, but here we had a chance to rub elbows with an enormous variety of colored jellyfish.

I should mention that Suzanne was declared “brave girl of the day” because even though her wetsuit didn’t fit, she plunged into the water without it — supposedly a chilling experience. 😉 During the particularly rough boat ride home, Jason suddenly decided the trip wasn’t posing enough of an adventure for him. As we bumped over some waves, he leant over the side with his head down and produced some inhuman sounds. 😉

We got back to the house at 5 p.m., when the photographer began snapping photographs of us. Surprisingly, he was sensible enough to wait until we took showers and got dressed before unleashing his flash on us. Sometime during the late evening we got the network back up, so we could finally continue working on the webserver, contributing to the geektalk ramblings on the Red Hat site, reading our e-mail and doing other net related stuff. I especially enjoyed Telsa Gwynneís Linux Expo story , which offers interesting coverage of last week’s conference.


At 7:15 p.m., we drove off to fetch food and necessities. We dropped in at a Texas Steakhouse, and enjoyed a juicy meal accompanied by the interesting biographies of Kristina, Graham and Paul. We eventually made it into the shopping mall and stuck pretty close to our shopping list – except, of course, for a few extra bottles of beer that Kristina had intentionally censored from our earlier list. Sometimes, beer is as necessary as a good T1.

Tim Janik, freelancer (Hamburg, Germany)

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