Phillip Steinke

Diary of a Serial Geek

May 24, 1999


10:35 a.m.

This morning I did some sprints and kata after waking up. A camera dude ishere again this morning, filming our silent stares. Today’s activity issnorkeling. Should be nifty, if the weather holds. There’s something of aheavy, oppressive feel in the air.

4:47 p.m.

After some playing around on the computers, we went for our noon snorkelingfitting. Seeing as how it’s so choppy today (lotsa wind, but no rain), we’repostponing the actual trip until Wednesday, which gives us the rest of the day toourselves.

After the fitting, we went for lunch and ice cream at the same deli as yesterday. We then went back to Wilmington for shampoo, paper towels, and movies. Paul rented “Austin Powers” and a DVD player, and is currently watching “Ronin,” which he brought from home.

Since we got back, I’ve put FreeCiv on one of the machines, and was playing it for a while. We’re also working on getting RealMedia and Web servers running here. Suzanne registered “,” and we’ll soon begin running our own site at that address. Right now, I’m enjoying the sun and breeze out on the deck. Though the quick computers here are cool, I’m looking forward to some fun in the sun. Seems a waste to sit inside with the ocean in our back yard.


12:09 a.m.

Dinner consisted of leftovers (mmm…wings and potatoes again!). The evening was quite relaxed in the beach house. Jason, Graham, Paul and I walked down tothe beach. We took a frisbee, but with the strong winds the only creature who caught it was a dog by the name of Montana. We ran into Nikki, our Red Hat chaperone, and a couple of her friends down by the water. I finally got to stroll in theocean. The locals may find it chilly, but I think it’s perfect. The waves were toolarge to jump in today, but I’ll be sure to get some good swimming in over thenext couple of days.

After dinner, we all kicked around the geek environment. Nikki came by, hung out, and hijacked a computer for a while. She seems to be getting along well with pine so far; we’ll make a convert of her yet. Graham checked with his office, and has spent the evening putting Linux on the corporation’s laptop. Paul got the RealMedia server going, and we tested it with the DVD player.

Suzanne got the web and e-mail for going, and Kristina isat a standstill with her Internic debacle. She showed me the lovely shower shehad to deal with on zero sleep: it has 8 shower heads, and more control knobsthan a hi-fi stereo.

I practiced some karate in the sun on the deck, then later watched “Austin Powers” with Tim and Paul, both of whom were seeing it for the first time. Many laughs and Dr. Evil quotes ensued. After the film, Tim enjoyed a pub draught Guinness from a can, and marveled at the floating widget. Now I must hit the sack, as we are scheduled to arrive at the sea kayaking center by 9:30 tomorrow morning.

Phillip Steinke, Canadian microelectrics Corp (Pembroke, Ontario)