Double Features

Iconic conferences apparently come in pairs. Choose your winter agenda:

Web Design

  • User Experience 2007
    December 2-7
    Las Vegas
  • Web Design World 2007
    December 10-12

Learn how users really use your Web site, and how to design for them. In Boston, for example, design guru Jeffrey Zeldman of Happy Cog will explain how the words on a site are a crucial but overlooked tool for delivering a user interface with punch.


Gear Porn

  • 2008 International CES
    January 7-10
    Las Vegas
  • Macworld Conference & Expo
    January 14-18
    San Francisco

After these two extravaganzas, you should have your 2008 consumer-electronics wish list filled. Expect more devices to let you take pics, music, and videos anywhere, such as a box, set to be featured at CES, from LaCie, that can control your iTunes remotely.

Egghead Assemblies

  • Digital, Life, Design Conference
    January 20-22
    Munich, Germany
  • World Economic Forum
    January 23-27
    Davos, Switzerland

Put a bunch of smart, creative people together, and before you know it, they might just save the world–or at least natter endlessly about building the society of the future. At the DLD event, topics will include megacities and the future of architecture. Think of that gathering as the intellectual amuse-bouche to Davos’s brainy tasting menu–many of its attendees go on to Davos, where the 2008 theme is “the power of collaborative innovation” and the co-chairs include Tony Blair, PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi, and JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon.