Wish List

’Tis the season to enumerate our objects of desire. Please take careful notes.

The Creative

Vans Customs
If wearing vintage skate shoes isn’t eccentric enough for you, a simple online tool from Vans lets you rig up a custom pair of canvas slip-ons or “old skools” with a full range of colors and patterns. Takes about six weeks for delivery. $50;


New Vintage Type
You don’t have to look far these days for evidence that the “it” type aesthetic is decidedly retro. Here’s your primer, loaded with 400 provocative posters, logos, and product packaging examples. $40;

Wacom Cintiq 21UX
The coolest monitor we’ve seen, this 21.3 inch, high res, cordless LCD tablet can be operated by interactive pen. More than 1,000 actions, from brush size to opacity, are intuitively controlled by pressure sensitivity. $2,499;

Mini Munny Mobile
Grease your imagination and increase your Japanese street cred with the latest DIY design toy from Kid Robot. But beware: The oddly addictive vinyl figure will become the first of many on your desk. $40;


Leica C-Lux 2
Yeah, this tiny point and shoot has a high speed wide angle lens, built in optical image stabilization, and a wide ISO range. But what’s really important is that red Leica logo — and all the legendary German precision that comes with it. $495;

The Multitasker

Kimiko Treatment Concealer
Science meets art in this cosmeceutical for treating dark circles while hiding them. Anti aging ingredients include more biotech terms than a Silicon Valley cocktail party including a “nanoparticle delivery system.” $39;

Nokia N95
Apple’s iPhone gets all the hype, but Nokia’s N95 might be the ultimate multimedia phone. At 4.2 ounces, it records DVD quality video, does GPS mapping, has a mini USB jack, stereo speakers, and a 5-megapixel camera. $699;


Francis Francis X5 Espresso Machine
Illy’s geometrically gorgeous espresso maker — designed by Italian master Luca Trazzi and available in nine bright colors — is designed to use both regular loose grounds and premeasured coffee pods, perfect for the office. $650;

Veev Acai Spirit
With enough antioxidants to trump blueberries, the Brazilian acai berry is the new superfood. Make that supercocktail: Veev is a 60-proof vodkalike liquor that also includes prickly pear, a natural hangover helper. $35;

Dahon Curve SL Bike
Not only does it break down in just 15 seconds, Dahon’s new urban assault vehicle weighs only 20 pounds and easily stows out of sight under your desk or in a cabinet. High end performance components make it ride like the real thing. $640;


Nike Amp+ Sport Remote Control
In the further consolidation of all things digital, Nike has fused a wristwatch with its Nike+ running system, which syncs your iPod Nano with your sneakers for real time performance data. Now you can control it all from your wrist. $79;

The Road Warrior

Dell XPS m1330
This durable, slim notebook offers Samsung’s new SSD technology, a bump-proof solid-state drive absent the moving parts, the noise and heat, and half of the bulk of a traditional hard disk drive. $2,199;

Bric’s Pininfarina
Pininfarina, the design firm behind Alfa Romeos and Maseratis, has paired with luxe bag maker Bric’s to create the ultimate carry-on, a 21-inch-high hard-shell roller available in red, black, silver, or gray. $350;


Burton Sleeper Hoodie
For bicoastals prone to red-eye flights, this sweatshirt boasts a special pocket for ear plugs, a “light shield” flap to cover your eyes, armpit zippers for airing out, and yes, a built-in inflatable neck pillow. $100;

TomTom Go 720 GPS
TomTom marries GPS with the wisdom of crowds. The tiny touch-screen device eliminates outdated maps by allowing the company’s community of millions of users to update, share, and download the latest data. $500;

Malin+Goetz Travel kit
Carry-on approved! Every bottle in the Essential Starter Kit is only 1 ounce and packaged in a clear zip pouch. The six-piece set includes body wash, two moisturizers, face cleanser, shampoo, and conditioner. $30;


Vuzix iWear
Think of the Vuzix AV920 as a big-screen TV jammed into a pair of sun-glasses. Hook it up to your video iPod or a portable DVD player and watch up to five hours of hi-res 2-D and 3-D video on the equivalent of a 62-inch screen. $350;

Work Hard / Play Hard

OtterBox Defender
Send emails in the rain, text messages from the ski slopes. The OtterBox (shown for the BlackBerry 8800 but also available for iPhones) makes your smartphone almost fully impervious to the elements, without sacrificing functionality. $50;

Patagonia Spoken Word Jacket
Accented with micro suede elbow patches and lining by animator Geoff McFetridge, Patagonia’s organic cotton corduroy jacket has enough quiet flair for the day that morphs into night. $180;


Interlock Trace
Lugging a quiver of sunglasses around for different occasions (café meetings, drive time, fishing) is a thing of the past. Twist the ends of these shades and the frames open up, so you easily switch lenses. $139;

HydraCoach Intelligent Water Bottle
Is it overkill if your bottle tracks your fluid intake and feeds you the data on a digital readout? At the office: yes. On the trail: whatever it takes. $30;

Sony Net-Sharing Cam
Weighing in at 5 ounces, this handy cam allows quick up loading of video clips in blog-friendly MPEG-4 format, giving your coworkers a nearly real time chronicle of your adventures out of the office. $200;


Arbor Slater Longboard
Made from a mix of sustainable harvested wood and with a design borrowed from eight-time world-champion surfer Kelly Slater’s big-wave surfboards, this longboard is the key to commuting in style. $230;

The Procrastinator

Martin Ukulele
The world’s finest guitar maker has revived the ukulele, that strummable little portal to the islands. From East Indian rosewood to rare Hawaiian koa, the beauty here is in the details. Models start at $389;

Finnish Dart Set
The Finns may have nailed productivity with Nokia, but they aced the proverbial cigarette break with the Finnish Dart Set. The clean lines can lend chic to even the shabbiest office — without making it look like a frat house. $48; kioskkiosk .com


Sennheiser HD280 Pro
Sennheiser’s lightweight (10 ounces), foldable headphones offer professional-grade sound quality (clean bass notes and no hissing on the high frequencies) and 32 decibels of ambient noise reduction thanks to their extremely snug fit. $200;

Nintendo DS Lite
With dual 3-inch LCD screens, a touch-screen interface, and a Wi-Fi connection that allows you to compete real-time with gamers worldwide, Nintendo’s newest handheld is a supreme time sucker. $130;

Sharp 32″ Aquos LCD HDTV
The first LCD built specifically for gamers, it can handle blistering frame rates and has virtually no lag time between inputs and display. That’s not to mention the HD 1080p resolution and the wide viewing angles. $1,700;


Missoni Throw
So you scored a job at one of those companies with “nap stations.” Great. Now you need nap gear. Try this throw from Missoni, the Milan design house whose rich colors have graced everything from silk dresses to a hotel chain. $358;

The One-Upper

Custom Letterpress Stationery
Email may suffice to close the deal, but snail mailing handwritten notes on personalized stationery leaves a lasting imprint — especially when the stationery has been printed on an antique letterpress. New York-based Russell Sloane uses a vintage Vandercook press. From $700;

Roth MC4 Music Cocoon
Roth’s tube amp iPod docking station warms up your digital audio quality with old-school vacuum tubes that elevate compressed files into concert quality acoustics. And it looks cool. $750;


Vertu Ascent Ti
What do you get in a $6,600 phone? Try individually handcrafted ruby bearings, a sapphire crystal screen, cowhide trim, and a “liquidmetal” shell that is twice as hard as stainless steel. Oh, and 3G quadband GSM and a 24-hour personal concierge service — in case, say, you need your Bentley polished. $6,628;

Est. 1887 Ag Shirt
Bling up your undergarments with these silver infused (5%) cot ton tanks, tees, and henleys, which regulate body temperature, fend off germs, and prevent stains. Silver is a natural bacteria zapper. $150;

Richart Chocolates
When you’re looking to impress, look no further than the rose-, olive-, or thyme-accented chocolates from Richart, the French chocolatier famous for using Venezuelan criollo, the finest cocoa in the world. From $61;


Valextra Computer Case
If Aristotle Onassis had lugged around a laptop, Valextra’s grain leather case would have been his bag. Clean lines, pristine white leather, and the lack of garish logos make dragging around PowerPoints downright stylish. $5,010;