Fast Talk: Connecting the Dots

Lauren Zalaznick

President, Bravo
New York, New York

Lauren Zalaznick, 43, combines reality shows such as Project Runway and Top Chef with deep tie-in Web sites to keep viewers glued to Bravo on screens both big and small.

Project Runway marked the beginning of our online strategy and our transformation from Bravo TV to Bravo Media. When we launched the show in December 2004, it failed pretty miserably its first three episodes. But we believed in it. We built a whole site about the fashion, the people, the cast, and the experience. The more we put online, the more fans came. Easy formula. Since then, we not only support all of our new shows this way but we’ve also expanded to do more. We support the bloggers who want to deliver what we want to deliver: more knowledge and more connection opportunities for people who already care enough to check out the show.”FCS