The Future Earth Diet

Bon Appétit Management Co.’s latest initiative in the 400-plus corporate cafés it manages is a low-carbon diet. The plan aims to minimize the carbon footprint of Bamco’s food-service operations. Here, a look at the targets.


Meat and Seafood

  • Reduce beef purchases by 25% to decrease methane gas emissions from cattle.
  • Purchase all meat from North America and nix air-shipped seafood by April ’09 to reduce CO2 from shipping.
  • Educate customers on the effects of beef and cheese production on climate.
  • Evaluate seafood portion sizes and promote sustainable species such as mussels and clams.


  • Source all bottled water from North American sources. Promote tap water when possible.
  • Focus on shade-grown and organic coffees; reduce coffee purchases.

Fruits and vegetables

  • Source 100% of vegetables and non-tropical fruit from North America.
  • Reduce purchases of high-mileage tropical fruit by 50%.

Processed snack foods

  • Reduce consumption of processed snacks and chocolate by 10% through education and chef training.


  • Reduce food waste by 25% through on-site composting and alternative uses of food waste (e.g., producing biofuels).