Streaming Live at Eleven


October 18-20
Camden, Maine
(from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.)

At this annual retreat, big thinkers and tech types wax philosophical on how technology is–or should be–changing the world. The three-part agenda tackles how humans affect and are affected by their intellectual, business, physical, and technological environments. Check out any presentation live and free on the Web; 50% of questions in each session will come from online viewers. Here’s a sampling:

Psyche channel
Before talking change, Pop!Tech wants to understand how people think. So cognitive scientist Steven Pinker joins Harvard psychology professor and Stumbling on Happiness author Daniel Gilbert to puzzle over the workings of the human brain. Biz types should pay special attention to their discussion of why we overemphasize some risks and underestimate others.

Systems channel
Think oceans, landscapes, and cities. Lobsterman-slash-MacArthur Fellow Ted Ames makes the case for oceanfront sustainable living, while marine ecologist Enric Sala describes his method of precisely measuring human impact on coastal ecosystems. More of a landlubber? Listen in as Arup engineering consultant Chris Luebkeman spins futuristic plans for Dong Tang, China’s first eco-city.

Solutions channel
Now for the problem solving. Victoria Hale, founder of non-profit pharma OneWorld Health, shares tactics for thrifty third-world drug development, and Berkeley prof Jay Keasling talks synthetic biology–think antimalarial micro-organisms. Or catch the voice of the new “green-collar revolution” eco-activist Van Jones, who points to the growing climate crisis in our inner cities.