Dotcom Debutantes


Momentum Growth Conference
October 4
Mountain View, California

The annual Momentum Growth Conference gives 15 private companies poised for an IPO or big-money acquisition the chance to strut their stuff for investors. “I don’t want the companies at zero, and I don’t want the ones at 60,” says founder and Dealmaker Media CEO Debbie Landa. “I want the ones driving to 60.” Last year’s participants Facebook (offered $1 billion by Yahoo ) and Photobucket (bought by News Corp. for $300 million) give hope to the new crop of wannabes. Our odds on who’ll be the belle of this year’s ball.

Video Egg


The preeminent video platform for social-networking sites (it overtook YouTube) now powers 80 Web sites, including AOL. Its 22 million monthly users view ads from AT&T, Pontiac, and the U.S. Army, among others.



This streaming-media hub has 18 million users and brokered the first-ever deal with a major record label (Warner Music Group) to offer its entire catalog of music and video content for free.



The world’s largest travel search engine lets 5 million users a month find fares on more than 400 travel sites. Traffic doubled in one four-month span this year.



The online do-it-yourself book publisher has won over more than 50,000 coffee tables since its February 2006 debut. Its customer base has been doubling every five months.

The Ladders


1.4 million workers pay $30 a month to access 70,000 weekly job listings, all with salaries of at least $100K. The company is on track for a fourth-straight year of 100% membership and revenue growth.