Keepers Of The Flame


Target: Your parents

The sell: Seniors get a no-frills cell phone with large buttons and print display, 24-hour customer service, and flexible plans for lower-usage customers.


Target: Tweens and their parents

The sell: Kids get a “grown-up phone,” age-appropriate games, ring tones, wallpapers, and instant messaging. Parents can turn off the phone at certain times of the day and control who pays for what.


Target: The rich and time pressed

The sell: $200 a month gets you a leather or gold-plated Motorola, annual upgrades, and access to a virtual personal assistant 24 hours a day to handle tasks such as booking dinner reservations.


Target: Affinity credit-card holders

The sell: Sign up for service from your favorite charity, such as the National Wildlife Federation, and a portion of your bill goes to the cause. Or create your own interest group and sign up your friends.