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Alessandra Petlin
When photographer Alessandra Petlin thought about shooting Adam Werbach for this issue’s cover story, she says, “I immediately had this image in my mind of a soaring stand of smooth, beautiful trees, and the archetypal corporate desk alone in the forest.” She found the perfect spot in San Francisco’s Presidio park. Her striking portraits appear regularly in The New York Times Magazine, New York magazine, GQ, and Esquire.


Anya Kamenetz
For “The Short, Shady History of Hollywood South,” Fast Company contributing writer Anya Kamenetz went home to New Orleans. “Now everyone has an Angelina Jolie sighting,” she says. “And my mother rubbed elbows with Jude Law at the revolving Carousel Bar in the old Monteleone Hotel in the French Quarter.” She also writes for The New York Times and The Nation.

Richard Shaffer
A longtime columnist for The Wall Street Journal and recently president of the private-capital markets division of Dow Jones & Co., Richard Shaffer says he went to Bangladesh “on nothing more than a hunch–a sense that one of its most famous technology-related stories might need updating.” He reports on his trip in “Unplanned Obsolescence.”

Elizabeth Spiers
“I spent at least a year as a misguided objectivist before evolving into a more palatable, cuddly, moderate libertarian, so Alan Greenspan’s ideological history is interesting to me,” says blogger Elizabeth Spiers. See “The Hollow Man” for her take on the former Fed chief. Spiers was the founding editor of

Elizabeth Svoboda
Elizabeth Svoboda, a contributing editor for Popular Science, says she was skeptical about Microsoft’s role in the School of the Future: “What could Microsoft possibly know about creating a successful urban school?” But she was won over. “Can you imagine a teacher telling ninth graders to organize and moderate a community forum about the future prospects of their neighborhood?”