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Russ Quackenbush
Award-winning photographer Russ Quackenbush regards his portraits as documents of his subjects’ life experiences revealed in their faces and their body language. He brought that sensibility to photographs of Nike founder Phil Knight and his son Travis, who are trying to create the next great animation studio. Travis “could not be more down-to-earth,” Quackenbush says. “I could see his excitement in what he’s doing.”


Jennifer Boulden
When a stack of paper she was bringing home to recycle scattered all over the subway steps, Jennifer Boulden ditched her corporate job to cofound Ideal Bite, which offers daily emails on green living. In Next, she shares tips on choosing better coffee for the office and supporting local farmers.

Rob Walker
Rob Walker writes the weekly “Consumed” column for The New York Times Magazine and his own marketing/design/culture Web site, After a decade or so in New York and another in New Orleans, he lives in Savannah, Georgia, with his wife and their dog, El Rey de los Perros, and devotes a good deal of time to resolving his conflicted feelings about self-promotion–the subject of this month’s Final Word.

Cora Daniels
Cora Daniels has written widely on diversity and business issues for magazines ranging from Essence to Fortune, where she was a staff writer. Her new book, Ghettonation: A Journey Into the Land of Bling and the Home of the Shameless, came out in March. For Fast Talk, she interviewed six leaders who are transforming the music business.

Robert Scoble
Blogger, technology evangelist, and author Robert Scoble grew up about a mile from Apple Computer’s headquarters in Silicon Valley. He learned how to solder a motherboard when he was 11 years old, helping his mother, one of a group of women who built Apple IIs at home. His Fast Company column, ” The Scoble Show,” makes its debut in this issue.